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  ICON Hewlett Packard 3497A

The 3947A Data Acquisition/Control Unit combines the capabilities of several instruments and is a basic building block of an automatic data acquisition and control system.  The 3497A will be used in an HP-IB automated system and can be viewed as a precision measurement and control computer peripheral.

The 3947A has been designed to be a very versatile and very powerful instrument.  A basic 3947A consists of a mainframe that includes a front panel keyboard and display, a non-volatile real time clock, and an HP-IB interface.  Available as an option is a 5 1/2 digit integrating digital voltmeter and current source that occupies a dedicated slot in the 3497A chassis.  Capability is added to the 3497A by using any combination of plug-in assemblies.  Available plug-in assemblies are:

  • Relay Multiplexers with or without thermocouple compensation 
  • FET Multiplexer
  • Digital Input/Interrupt
  • Counters
  • Strain gage/bridge completion
  • Actuators
  • Programmable voltage and current D/As
  • Breadboard Assembly

Up to 5 assemblies can be added to a 3497A and the 3498A.  Extender chassis can hold up to 10 more plug-in assemblies.

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